Mobile Access Networks

Mobile Access Networks
  • Mobile Access Networks

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    Mobile Networks (Insoft Specials)
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    Understanding 2G and 3G mobile network architecture and main network elements. This course analyzes architecture, protocols and performance both for GPRS and UMTS data service. Furthermore, WCDMA will be described. Finally, a particular attention is paid to the UTRAN network features and core network signaling protocols for UMTS radio resource allocation.


    • GSM access network
    • GSM / GPRS network architecture
    • Network Elements GPRS functions
    • GPRS interfaces:┬á Gb, Gn, Gp, Gi, Gr, Gd
    • PDP Context establishment
    • VPN definition
    • UMTS within the 3G network
    • CDMA technique
    • Spreading and Power Control
    • UMTS evolution
    • UTRAN architecture
    • Core Network
    • Spreading Factor and UMTS services
    • UMTS signaling
    • Shared channels and dedicated channels
    • Radio resource allocation
    • Spreading and Power Control
    • UMTS signaling protocols
    • HSDPA
    • Release 5 and IP convergence


    • This course is intended for technicians who wish to learn mobile access network technologies.


    • Telecommunications network┬á basic skills.



    At the end of this course we propose a test to check the learning of the main training contents.


      Apr 19, 2019
      Jun 21, 2019