IOTSS-UTL – Internet of Things Security SE Workshop – Utilities Vertical

IOTSS-UTL – Internet of Things Security SE Workshop – Utilities Vertical
  • IOTSS-UTL – Internet of Things Security SE Workshop – Utilities Vertical

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    IoT IT Partner Enablement
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    Industrial Control systems (ICS), SCADA and OT networks operating within regulated Utility environments are held accountable to ever stringent NIST and NERC-CIP guidelines and mandates. This stems from the broader Smart Grid initiatives pervading the Utilities Industry. The next evolution in the Smart Grid story is the emergence of IT/OT Convergence, driving migration away from proprietary protocols to common TCP/IP network infrastructures. This shift does not come without consequences: ICS/OT critical infrastructure environments are more than ever susceptible to a greater range of security threats and attacks.


    Fast Lane’s Internet of Things Security SE Workshop – Utilities Vertical is an immersive program for Cisco’s valued partners, providing a detailed understanding of the unique security challenges within ICS/OT Utility environments and the corresponding mitigating strategies. Participants will understand how to design and articulate a zero-trust security architecture vision leveraging Cisco’s comprehensive security portfolio, including the Next Generation ASA Firewall services running FirePOWER services and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP). Additionally, they will gain a deep understanding on how to align and address the relevant security use cases from Cisco’s IoT Portfolio specific to the Utilities vertical.


    • Understand the differences between the security requirements in an ICS/OT environment versus a traditional IT environment, as it pertains to the growing trend of IT/OT Convergence within Utilities
    • Understand how NERC-CIP, NIST and other Utility specific regulations impact Design, Deployment and Operations of ICS/OT environments within the Utilities Vertical.
    • Gain foundational knowledge of the IoT Security Architecture Framework and the Zero-Trust Security Architecture model across lifecycle phases for ICS/OT environments
    • Build a Bill of Materials (BOM) for an IT/OT Converged Security implementation
    • Practice an IoT Security customer conversation


    Upon completion of Fast Lane’s Internet of Things Security SE Enablement – Utilities Vertical, Cisco security professionals will gain a fundamental understanding on how to develop a zero trust security model within an IT/OT Converged ICS/OT environment, incorporating the very latest in Cisco’s IoT Portfolio of security solutions.


    • Participants should have a CCNP Security or the equivalent in experience
    • Complete the Industrial Control Systems Fundamentals for Network Engineers (ICINS) E-Learning
    • Complete the Internet of Things Sales Engineer Workshop – Utilities Program.


      Nov 19 - Nov 22, 2018
      Jan 15 - Jan 18, 2019
      Mar 12 - Mar 15, 2019
      May 20 - May 23, 2019