H4S73 – Block Storage in OpenStack using Cinder

H4S73 – Block Storage in OpenStack using Cinder

H4S73 – Block Storage in OpenStack using Cinder

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Course Details


This one-day course will take students through an in depth look at the OpenStack® Block Storage service Cinder. The result will be the skills to design and build a resilient and scalable extensible block storage control environment within an OpenStack® environment. The students will get hands-on lab experience of many of the course topics in a dedicated, pre-built OpenStack® environment.


At the conclusion of the course you should be able to:

  • Understand the OpenStack® block storage components and how they work together
  • The architecture of resilient block storage management within OpenStack®
  • Understand the extensibility of block storage management in OpenStack®
  • The installation and configuration of the various components
  • How to troubleshoot block storage in OpenStack®


Module 1 – Course overview

  • Set out the course objectives

Module 2 – Cinder Overview and Installation

  • What is Cinder
  • Storage Types
  • Features and functions of Cinder
  • Installing Cinder
  • Using Cinder
  • Managing Quotas

Module 3 – Cinder and multiple back ends

  • Working with multiple back ends
  • Detail on volume types
  • Configuring multiple back ends
  • The Cinder scheduler
  • Setting Quality of Service

Module 4 – Troubleshooting Cinder

  • Migrating volumes
  • Study the volume creation process
  • Look at the Cinder Services
  • Locate Cinder log files
  • Trace target details through to instances
  • Look at a Cinder oriented network implementation
  • Undertake a challenge lab


  • Storage Administrators
  • Storage Architects
  • Architects
  • Sales Engineers
  • Technical Marketing staff


Attendance of, or the equivalent skills:

  • Fundamentals of OpenStack Technology (H6C68)
  • Linux Fundamentals (U8583S)
  • Cloud Overview (HK917AAE)


  Nov 19, 2018
  Jan 14, 2019
  Mar 15, 2019
  May 17, 2019