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We are pleased to launch pre-scoped Fortinet Consulting Packages. These are ready-made solutions, tailored to ensure efficiency and cost containment.

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Solutions Crafted To Your Needs

It is quite a cumbersome process to migrate to a new security infrastructure, which has not been rolled out or tested before. Existing engineering and operations teams are skilled enough, but they have never worked with Fortinet products before. We have now created small tailor-made consultancy packages, where our Fortinet experts can help you install and implement the first role out as well as transfer the necessary knowledge in order to run a smooth transition.

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Do you have some new Fortinet Appliances and want them to go live quickly?

  • We help you in installing, testing and implementing your New Fortinet Firewall!

  • We have a Tailored Consulting Package that will answer your specific needs!

  • We help you in installing, testing and implementing your New Fortinet Firewall!

Fortinet Consulting Services

Core Structure

We design, install, test, and help you roll-out specific product-driven packages, which your operations (SOC) can easily manage. There are different level of packages available based on scalability, network size and performance, as well functions and modules.


Your requirements are addressed carefully. You will be guided through our offering to the most adequate Consultancy Service Module depending on your size, complexity, product acquired or to be acquired.


Fixed duration based on agreed Package elapsed time.
Pre-defined deliverables. A tested and documented working solution.