SDN Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

SDN Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Training - Insoft Specials
SDN Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

SDN Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

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3 Days Course

Data Center (Insoft Specials)

Upcoming Dates

 Oct 2 to Oct 4, 2017

Course Details

SDN Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

Acquiring the knowledge of applications of Network Function Virtualization, as part of the innovative architectural approach of Software Defined Networks. The course analyzes automation and orchestration solutions for creation of the highly scalable virtual networks. NFV reference models are analyzed with an approach oriented to the best practices.

  • The classical “Network Appliance” approach
  • The new “Network Virtualization” approach
  • Interworking with SDN
  • Application fields
  • Network Programmability
  • Use Cases
  • Enablers: Cloud Computing
  • Data Center Orchestration
  • NFV in Mobility
  • Optimized Big Data
  • SDN Frameworks
  • Application Programming Interfaces
  • High Availability and State Storage
  • Analytics

Technical personnel of data centers involved in the migration of IT systems to the SDN based cloud architectures.

Networking infrastructure and device basic understanding.

Analysis of case studies based on real models of Network Function Virtualization.